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 Story behind Memoire and Aion

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Atreia was once connected by the Tower of Eternity, but as our lore tell us, it got shattered by an ancient cataclysm and broke in two.

Centuries later of misfortune, after Atreia had split into Elysea which bathed in light and Asmodae, where we the Asmodians lived our life in darkness. War broke out against the Balaur on both sides; we were the ones who suffered the most. Our ancestors were being tormented by the vow they once made; the bloodshed to protect their descendants. By the grief of the ancestors, Zikel, the Lord of Destruction, and Triniel, the Lady of death, made a black star shine upon the heaven of Asmodae. Once more there was hope in the eyes of our people…

A group of friends came together under an oath to Zikel and Triniel; they would protect their kind from harm and misery from that point forward. This legion of friends became known throughout Atreia as Memoire.

Memoire for peace among us and Memoire for punishing those who dared to destroy the world as we once knew it.

So this is Memoire. A legion based on fighting the strongest, but also to become the strongest.

Guild Master Lelouch

Story behind Memoire and Aion Luluve9
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Story behind Memoire and Aion
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