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PostSubject: Points   Points EmptyThu Oct 29, 2009 2:43 pm

This point system sucks and is completely irrelavant to making anything fair.

First off, all guild members are not being taking into considerations.Some players play more during the day (while people are working, US time zone or visa vera for those on other time zones) SO when most people are on, they are not. So those people dont get points? So when they do get to go to a boss hunt (because of sufficent people are on to help) something drops for their class, but because they were unable to sit in front of the pc all day they have no points and have to pass it to someone else?

What happened to being a legion, you know the one that no matter what, they stick together, And they strive to make ALL members the best they can be? Everyone that goes to boss hunts regardless if it is once or 100000 has contributed to killing, they used their time, their gold. More of something to this needs to be implemented, (just suggestion always rooms to improve) If it is not for your class, you pass on the roll, if it is for your class and their are several people that need ONLY because it is better then what they have on, they roll. IF no one needs in the party, then should be sold below market price to A LEGION MEMEBER and then money split betweeen those that went.

Having only boss kills to acquire points is shitty, and doesnt show much for dedication and togetherness. As isagurl stated last night, acquiring points from boss raids should not be the only way. Why would i want to go when i can if i have no points because couldnt get a legion party to go when i was on? AS A LEGION things should be discussed in full detail and vote taken.

Seems to me everyone got greedy and only thought about themselves first, instead of playing the game for fun and friendship hence the meaning of a legion
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